Management & Faculty

We introduce ourselves as a "Montessori Educator". Our role is merely to facilitate the child to explore and learn at their own pace, and help them be curious about the whys, whats and hows when they are with us. These questions are enough to trigger a whole lot of lessons on anything under the sky, cloud, Sun or Moon.

Rajeshwari Singh, Founder Principal

I'm a trained IMC Montessori educator. I've done B.A (HONOURS), M.A (IN HISTORY) and I've been teaching for over 13 years. I'm very passionate about teaching young children. It was my dream to have a school where children are loved . I discovered the magic of the Montessori method, seeing the benefit it brought to my daughters. This led to a strong desire in me to open Seven Senses, which I meticulously planned for over 2 years. I've been teaching children from classes VI-XII for a variety of subjects for ICSE, CBSE and the IB boards. My shift to Montessori education is my true calling.

"We accept the child as the founder of the school family. We are aware of the true importance of the child and childhood. We realize that the child is the embodiment of the powers of development. We also know the only way the child can offer help is when he lives his life true to nature. We follow one principle that " children should be free to learn and succeed without restriction and criticism."

Geetha S. Nityananda, Academic Head

Geetha is a consultant with several Montessori schools in Bangalore today. She is a certified Montessorian recognized by the AMI and is a Member Board of Studies and Member of the Governing Council IMC. She started her career with Head Start Montessori House of Children. She was instrumental in making it one of the city's best preschools and pioneered an inclusive education programme, in her 22 years there.

The core team is supported by qualified and dedicated faculty members and trained care-givers. Our every effort is towards giving a child a loving, safe and a beautiful environment, tailored to their learning. Our educators are Montessori trained and are supported by the school in their commitment to expand and upgrade their skills .

We believe that the educators should never shout, never lose their tempers, never smack, shake or push a child or even speak crossly. They should be pleasant and polite, firm without anger and be able to deal with a misdemeanour with sympathy and assistance rather than with punishment. All children should be shown respect, never humiliated or laughed at and their remarks should be listened to seriously and answered thoughtfully and courteously.