Policies & Culture

Our culture is aimed towards building a safe, loving learning environment, which is focused on the child.


We do not have any uniform at the school. The child needs to wear comfortable clothes that facilitate movement and allow them to learn and explore with ease. Please avoid making the child wear valuables for their safety. Please keep an extra pair of clothing in her/his bag for your child. The label with their name should be stitched in this spare clothing.

Interacting with Educators

A structured parent educator interaction is planned twice a year. We encourage you to interact with the Class Educator more frequently, in case you feel the need. Feel free to call up the school office to help you set-up the time and date.

Montessori Materials

The Montessori materials are very attractive, and the child may carry them home. Please return them the next day to the school, as other children need to use them too. These pieces may also be part of the set.

Not Feeling Well

When is child is not feeling well, please make them rest at home. This prevents to infection spreading to other children or adults at the school. The school does not have provisions to take care of an unwell child.

Drop & Pick-Up

You are requested to drop your child at the school on time. This allows the classes to proceed uninterrupted, and allows your child to settle down prior to start of their day. Transport facility is available for the children. In case you are likely to be late, please inform us beforehand.

An educator or school administrator will be present at the gate to receive the child. Care should be taken not to park the vehicle in front of the school gate or any other premises to avoid any inconvenience to neighbors. Parking should be done is such a way to avoid causing traffic jams.

The educators prepare for the activities of the day prior to the child arriving at the school. They may not be in a position to receive the child more than 20 minutes prior to school starting time.

Please arrive on time to pick-up the child at the end of the day. The children will depart from the main door, and are sent out in an orderly manner by the educators. In a rare occasion you are delayed, the school needs to be informed so that proper arrangements can be made to take care of the child.


Regular attendance of the child is important for their overall development. In case of absence, please inform the school and submit an application specifying the reason.


We encourage parents to celebrate the birthday of the child at the school. This could be done during the break with a cake and light snacks. We do not encourage balloons, whistles, caps and return gifts.

Important to Note:

  • The school is a non-smoking area.

  • Please ensure that the school has the emergency contact numbers.

  • The school calendar gives the important dates and events at the school.

  • Keep us informed on the changes of routine, pick-up, medication or any  other information that you deem fit.

  • Please read the notice board at the school on a regular basis.